Engineers Week 2018: Engineer Profile Edwin Middleton

For senior cycle students considering their options for the future, gaining insights from a professional is a huge benefit in deciding what career path to follow. We took the time to interview some engineers from around the CavMac offices to discover what makes an engineer tick, and if a STEM-based career is one for you.   Edwin Middleton, the Quality Assurance Manager for our hose, was thrilled to take part in an interview and give … [Read more...]

Engineers Week 2018: Engineer Profile Cristiano Baeta Neves de Souza

For Engineers Week 2018, CavMac has been interviewing our hardworking engineers to get their experiences of engineering and how they would encourage students to think of Engineering when considering their options for the future. For young people, gaining experiences like these from professionals are key to deciding what college course to apply for in their final year of secondary school.   We sat down with our Process Development … [Read more...]

The Electric Vehicle Battery Mine: Mining Rare-Earth Elements

Electric vehicles (EV) are accelerating our society into the future. The inherent benefits of driving an EV for the consumer are many in number, from lower running costs and tax incentives to environmental benefits and grant opportunities. From that perspective alone it’s no wonder that Bloomberg forecast that by 2040 over 54% of new car sales will be Electric Vehicles.   With such a roaring demand, there are plenty of upsides for miners … [Read more...]

Dredging’s Positive Effects on Local Commerce

Dredging of ports and docks has an influential part to play in stimulating Britain’s commerce sector. Many seaside and riverside towns and cities are regular trade routes for exports and imports arriving by boat. These shipping grounds are continuously threatened by the build-up of silt, seaweed and other obstacles, causing larger cargo carriers to redirect to new ports, incurring additional charges.   Dredging of these ports are … [Read more...]

Emerging Oil and Gas Extraction Technologies

Oil and gas extraction has been predominately led by only a handful of technologies for the past few decades. Now with the introduction of new developments to the industry, exploration and extraction have never been as efficient.   Galex Energy Corporation, for example, has developed a variety of innovative ways to displace hydrocarbons from rocks and dispel them towards the surface. They use acoustic soundwaves to crack oil-bearing … [Read more...]

Statoil Strikes Black Gold

With the announcement this week of Statoil making a massive discovery of between 25 and 130 million barrels of oil on the UK continental shelf, more good news hits the headlines for the oil industry. Oil & Gas UK believe this will lead to further developments and investments into the basin which Chief Executive, Deirdre Michie, believes “...still holds billions of barrels of oil”.   The Norwegian-based broad-energy company which has … [Read more...]

Brexit – What Can British Firms do to Avoid the Negatives of Brexit?

In late September of this year, Prime Minister Theresa May addressed the EU27 in Florence regarding the process of Brexit. There have been many comments and arguments on the effectiveness of this speech and whether the announcement of a two-year transition period leaving the EU is a positive or a negative.    In Ireland, exporters are starting to make plans to counteract the adverse effects of Brexit; although, the Irish are delighted … [Read more...]

Employees from Abrasives and CavMac Divisions Organise Table Quiz for Charity

On Friday 25th September, volunteers from Abrasives and CavMac Divisions of Abcon organised a Table Quiz to raise essential funds for four children’s charities: Make a Wish (Brazil), Marysia Kosinska (Poland), Jack & Jill (Ireland) and The Orphanage Children Centre of Social Services (Latvia). The event was held in the Errigal Country House Hotel.   The organizers (Nikki McGoohan, Kathryn Freeman, Mihail Medvedkovs, Bernadetta … [Read more...]

Employees at Abcon raise Funds for Children’s Charities

While they are very busy at work, employees from our Abrasives division at Abcon have found some time to raise much needed money for children’s charities in Brazil, Latvia, Poland and Ireland. They have already raised over €1000 with the proceeds from a cake sale and a raffle. The fundraising team were delighted with the support from other employees who donated cakes and prizes for the events. A table quiz is planned for next month which will be … [Read more...]