Chemical Hose Assemblies

CavMac Chemical Hose Assemblies (sometimes referred to as Acid Hoses) are used for the safe transport of a wide range of chemicals and acids throughout industry. Cavmac combines this requirement with a focus on safety of the operator by ensuring that all CavMac products are designed, manufactured and tested in full compliance with accepted industry standards. Our Chemical Hoses can be custom designed and manufactured to specific customer or general industrial applications.



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Chemical Handling Hose Assemblies

Cavmac offers a range of chemical hose assemblies for use in the transport of a wide range of industrial chemicals.
The hoses are supplied with the beaded end fittings and fully lined with the appropriate lining material for the specific application.
Some of the construction materials available for use in chemical transfer hose manufacture include:

EPDM Rubber – or Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer Rubber, is a synthetic rubber which is used in the production of our Chemical Hose. While incompatible with oils, kerosene and gasoline, EPDM is a very effective at sealing and resisting the effects of weathering, ozone and heat.

XLPE – Cross-linked polyethylene is a material used in Chemical Hose building with resistant properties to heat.

UHMWPE – or given its full name Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene, is highly resistant to corrosive chemicals, concentrated acids and alkalis, but not to oxidising acids. Given these properties UHMWPE is a fantastic material to construct Chemical Resistant Hose.

CavMac and our expert engineers are happy to consult with our customers to ensure the appropriate material is chosen for your particular application.